The top FIVE topics that our students LOVED learning about in the course!

Designed with the world-renowned Mixology Group, the Foundations of Mixology course covers everything you need to know to set up a bar confidently, provide exceptional service & create outstanding cocktails!

  1. Recommended spirit brands & flavour profiles to have onboard
  2. How to read your guests and come up with recommendations
  3. We break down the types of aperitifs and digestifs you should know
  4. Five types of mimosas (which both guests and crew will love)
  5. Stirring, shaking & building
    (Did you know there are four types of shaking?)

This course is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality!

IoH is the award winning, world leading professional body for hospitality professionals. Their purpose is to promote professionalism through lifelong learning.

Course Modules & Lessons

Upon successful completion of the 23 lessons included in the course, you will receive a TYSA certificate for Foundations of Mixology. As with all TYSA courses, you will have lifetime access to the course material.

    1. How to use Thinkific

    2. Meet Your Trainers

    3. Guidelines to Submitting your Assignments

    1. Essential Onboard Equipment & Downloadable Guide

    2. Measurements and General Rule of Thumb

    3. Top 12 Spirits, Suggested Brands & Flavour Profiles

    4. Top 8 Glassware Essentials

    5. Professional Workstation Set-Up

    6. Module 1 Quiz

    1. Free Pour vs. Measure: How To Practise Onboard

    2. Mixing Methods: Stirring, Shaking, Building

    3. Correct Bar Hygiene

    4. Module 2: Quiz

    1. Five Categories of Cocktail Garnishes

    2. Bespoke Morning & Evening Offerings

    3. Aperitif Guide

    4. Digestifs from European Countries

    5. Case Study: The Classic Martini

    6. Cocktail & Mocktail Welcome Drinks

    7. Reading Your Guests & Making Appropriate Suggestions

    8. Module 3: Quiz

    1. Espresso Martini

    2. Clover Club

    3. Classic Mojito

    4. Tom Collins

    5. Pornstar Martini

    6. Cocktail Guide Downloadable

    1. Exit Survey

    2. Certificate

About this course

  • £199.00
  • 29 lessons
  • Downloadable Cocktail Guide

Meet our Course Partners!

Introducing Mixology Group

The Mixology Group are experts with 27 years of combined experience in events and cocktail training. With their groundbreaking mixology techniques, they create outstanding drink portfolios beyond your guest's wildest expectations. 

Did we mention that the trainer teaching you in this course was also voted the UK's Number 1 Mixology trainer in 2017?

Course Instructor

Myles has trained globally and is a leading authority and figurehead in the drinks industry. He has opened venues across the UK and worked in numerous award-winning bars. His knowledge of spirits, mixology and his flair for teaching awarded him the Imbibe Educator of the Year in 2017.

What past students are saying...

  • Lucie

    I immensely enjoyed the course; it was full of valuable and new information.

    I loved the mixture of reading, downloading and video material; it made for an easy and exciting study. Having the quizzes at the end of each module pushed me to remember the information I was writing down and is an effective way to raise my study level.

  • Kinsey

    As someone who learned most of what I know about mixology and cocktail making while winging it on the job, this course was a great way to learn and feel more confident in my skills.

    It was the perfect amount of information and practical skills needed to give excellent cocktail service onboard. I'm very happy I took this course!

  • Grace

    I learned the types of alcohol, the history of drinks, drink recipes, and everything I need to know to stock and run a bar while making guest drinks properly! I am a visual learner, so the demonstration and text on the screen were very helpful.

    A fabulous course highly beneficial for any yacht stew and chefs!

Chief Stew feedback...

"A highly beneficial and well-thought course! In particular, the advice on how to create more efficiency onboard with your cocktails was helpful to hear alongside the rest of the information. Would definitely recommend to any stewardesses that are looking to increase their mixology knowledge!"

The only course you need to feel confident behind the bar!