It is all well and good learning Silver Service or flower arranging, but we want you to feel confident with the jobs that you’ll actually be doing from the day you get onboard, along with the practical steps to take to secure your first job. The Steward(ess) role involves housekeeping, service and laundry - all of which you’ll learn, as well as the daily duties you’ll do, what life onboard is like and how to actually secure your first role.

This course is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality!

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Everything you ACTUALLY need to know as a superyacht stew in one course.

We want you to feel confident and fully prepared for when you step onboard your first yacht, rather than getting there and thinking, “What on earth do I actually do on a day-to-day basis?”. Don’t worry - we’ve got you!

What past students are saying...

  • Kimberly

    I really enjoyed this course as it definitely improved my skills and knowledge. The modules were detailed, highlighted and had many pictures and videos which helped make learning easier. Communication was spectacular and with each assignment , I got personal feedback.

  • Emily

    The course has ACTUAL useful information and tips for stewardessing; I wish I had this before I joined the industry. I also loved the videos showing what to do; they made the explanations so much easier to understand!

  • Chloe

    My favourite part would be the layout, so easy to use and perfect for all types of learners! I have now completed two courses with TYSA and most definitely going to complete another! Such an easy platform to use and whenever I was stuck on something, I had such a fast response via email. I totally recommend TYSA, worth every penny!

Course curriculum

You will be able to work through this course at a pace that best suit you with our lifetime access. Upon successful completion of the course, including all quizzes & assignments, you will receive a certificate of completion.

    1. How to use Thinkific

    2. Welcome to TYSA Academy!

    3. Meeting your Instructors!

    4. Guidelines to Submitting your Assignments

    1. Onboard Hierarchy

    2. Roles of Stewardess

    3. Mental Health Resources

    4. Required Admin

    5. Goal Setting Assignment

    1. Laundry Overview

    2. Common Laundry Products & Stain Treatment

    3. On-Charter Laundry

    4. Laundry Organisation & Machine Care

    5. Ironing 101

    6. Wardrobe Management

    7. Laundry Quiz

    8. Stain Treatment Assignment

    1. The Basics

    2. Cleaning Products

    3. Guest Cabin & Head Service

    4. Turn Up Tutorial

    5. Turn Down Tutorial

    6. Folding Guide

    7. Housekeeping Quiz

    8. Turning Down Assignment

    1. Setting the table

    2. Glassware

    3. Service Types

    4. Silverware Care with Langfords

    5. Tea & Coffee Service

    6. Wine Service

    7. Mixology

    8. Beverage Quiz

    9. Table Top Quiz

    10. Table Top Assignment

    1. Dockwalking

    2. Crew Agents & CV's

    3. Packing & Crew Accommodation

    4. Interview Prep

    5. Submit your yachting CV & book a zoom call with our trainers to review it!

About this course

  • £399.00
  • 42 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

How you'll learn

This course is designed to appeal to all students, regardless of your learning style. We give students a truly unique learning experience with the wide range of media sources that is used in every one of the 5 modules covered in this course.

  • Instructor Videos

    The Interior Fundamentals course is one of TYSA's courses with the most video content. We show you step-by-step how to complete tasks onboard to the highest standard.

  • Downloadable's

    You'll have access to tools, templates and guides that you can download and take with you on every vessel you join.

  • Personalised Feedback

    The course includes visual slides, images and text. Each module will include a quiz or assignment to test your newfound knowledge!

Meet Melek

A wonderful Stewardess from Turkey with ten years of experience!"I have been working for ten years as a stewardess, but I haven't had a chance to get involved in the stewardess courses. This online course has been highly beneficial! My favourite part was laundry and housekeeping due to the critical and detailed information.
I have completed seven courses at TYSA and continue learning new information I can immediately implement in Interior! Thank TYSA for the excellent online education!"

A sneak peak into the housekeeping module!

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