Here's what you'll learn...

Service is a huge part of the steward/ess role, but it can be nerve-wracking as a junior stew. It’s not just about making a latte or pouring a glass of wine. You’ll be polishing plates, ensuring cutlery is perfectly aligned, and much more.

Service involves a keen eye for detail, and we're here to teach you everything you need to know to feel confident in your first service role.

  • Table Setting:
    Learn how to set a table, including the placement of different plates, cutlery, and even where an oyster pick goes.

  • Main Styles of Service:
    Master the main styles of service you’ll encounter in yachting, including correctly opening a bottle of wine and using various wine tools.

  • Napkin Folding:
    Create 11 beautiful napkin folds and know when to use napkin rings versus going without.

  • Detailed Service Tips:
    Get all our top tips for excelling in service as a junior stew, covering everything we wish we had known when we started.


Join the Junior Stew Service OR Junior Stew Housekeeping course & get your FREE Junior Stew Starter Kit! Here's what's included...

  • Crew Agency Tracker:
    Stay organized with which crew agencies you've contacted & signed up to.

  • Dockwalking Planner:
    Organise your trip with our recommended spots and accommodations in Antibes, Palma and Fort Lauderdale.

  • Job Application Tracker:
    Keep your job search on track with what you've applied for and who you need to chase up.

  • Packing Checklist:
    Never miss a thing for your yachting journey.

  • Cocktail Recipe Cards & Coffee Cheat Sheet:
    Impress guests with your beverage skills, print these off and take them with you.

  • PLUS, enjoy sneak peeks from our other courses:
    ⭢ 26 Questions you might be asked in interviews + how to give awesome answers (From the Junior Crew: How to Secure your First Yacht Job Course)
    ⭢ What to Expect as a Junior Stew & the Onboard Hierarchy- (From the Junior Stew Kickstart your Career Webinar)
    ⭢ Yoga flow to keep you relaxed.
    ⭢ Wine Masterclass: Serving Temperatures, Glassware, and Tasting Techniques with Premier Cellars

Feel confident and capable in your service role.

Service is more than just knowing how to do silver service. It's about creating amazing experiences for your guests, which is key to your role as a stewardess. You might never need to do silver service, but you’ll definitely be setting tables, making drinks, and serving meals in ways that wow your guests.

  • Creating Unforgettable Moments

    Guests remember the little things—like the perfect cocktail, a beautifully set table, or how smoothly dinner service went. Your service skills can turn a regular meal into a memorable experience.

  • Confidence and Professionalism

    Knowing how to set a table correctly, serve wine, and make a perfect latte boosts your confidence. You'll feel prepared for anything and able to handle guest requests with ease.

  • Versatility

    Service on yachts isn’t one-size-fits-all. You’ll need to adapt to different styles and settings, from casual lunches to formal dinners. Being versatile makes you a valuable team member.

  • Attention to Detail

    In yachting, details matter. Aligning cutlery perfectly, making sure glasses sparkle, and ensuring everything looks flawless shows your dedication and professionalism.

  • Enhancing Guest Satisfaction

    Think about when you get on a flight—what's the main thing you remember? How good or bad the service was from the staff. It's the same with yachting. Great service means happy guests who are more likely to return and recommend the yacht to others.

We want you to feel cool, calm and confident with your service skills, to ensure not only are the guests having a blast, but we want YOU to enjoy it and thrive too. Combine both, and it is a recipe for an outstanding and memorable service every single time.

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Here's exactly what you'll learn...

You will be able to work through this course at your own pace, and you get lifetime access. Upon successful completion of the course, including all quizzes, you will receive a certificate of completion.

    1. How to use Thinkific

    2. Welcome to TYS Academy

    3. Meet your Instructors!

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    1. Setting the table

    2. Glassware

    3. Silverware Care with Langfords

    4. Cutlery

    5. Napkin Basics

    6. Table Top Quiz

    1. Napkin Fold 1

    2. Napkin Fold 2

    3. Napkin Fold 3

    4. Napkin Fold 4

    5. Napkin Fold 5

    6. Napkin Fold 6

    7. Napkin Fold 7

    8. Napkin Fold 8

    9. Napkin Fold 9

    10. Napkin Fold 10

    11. Napkin Fold 11

    1. Plated & Silver Types

    2. Other Types Of Service

    3. Reminders when doing Service

    4. Tips for feel Confident during Service

    1. Tea Service

    2. Coffee Service

    3. The 7 Main Coffees

    4. Milk Frothing: Cappuccino vs Latte

    5. Wine Service

    1. Mixology: Stirring

    2. Mixology: Shaking

    3. Mixology: Building

    4. Bar Setup

    5. Beverage Quiz

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At TYSA we believe education should be accessible to everyone wanting to kickstart & progress in their career.

Your Questions Answered

  • Why train with TYSA?

    We're an IAMI GUEST Accredited training provider, but we also offer a range of other brilliant courses, both accredited and unaccredited, depending on what you're looking for. We want education to be available to everyone.

    Our team is incredibly experienced in the world of yachting and are all ex-crew, which means we know what we're talking about and have been where you are now.

  • How will this course help me?

    We know it can be incredibly overwhelming when you join your first yacht. It's not just a new job, but it's a whole new environment and a new world you go enter.

    This course will help you feel confident with your service skills and will give you a head start in your new role. You won't turn up to your first job and have no idea what you're doing. You'll know all of the basics, and then yacht will just refine your skills to suit their specific needs.

  • What if I have a question during the course?

    There are discussion boxes in each module, so if you have a question, just pop in the box and one of our trainers will contact you to answer it.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    No. Due to the online nature of our courses, there are no refunds.

  • For the parents reading this... yes, yachting is a real job - don't worry!

    Our parents all thought the same thing when we first started in the industry too, don't worry. It's a fantastic industry to be in and will be a brilliant adventure.

    The areas of a Stew (Steward/ess) are housekeeping, laundry and service. You're obviously looking for a course for your child to study to get those extra skills, so whether it's one of our courses or not, those are the things they'll want to learn.

    We recommend learning housekeeping & laundry first, as those are the departments' Stews generally start in. Once they've mastered those, then they may step into a more service-based role.

    Before your child joins their first permanent/ seasonal role, they should always receive an SEA Contract (Seafarers Employment Agreement). It's always good to have a read-through to know what their rights are, and to put your mind at ease.

  • What other courses do you have for Junior Stews?

    • Junior Stew: Housekeeping, which gives you the basics of housekeeping and laundry, as these will be the first things you'll learn in yachting!

    • Junior Stew: Kickstart Your Yachting Career, which includes how to actually find your first job, CV writing, packing essentials and more!

    The above 2 courses, and this one, can be purchased in a money-saving bundle.

    We also have further courses, including:
    • Superyacht Wine Service
    • Service Fundamentals (great for after you've mastered the basics of service)
    • Luxury Tea Service
    • Foundations of Mixology

    However, we do recommend mastering the basics first and the things you actually need to know, then expanding on that knowledge.

    Our other courses are perfect for once you've gained experience.