1O things YOU are going to learn to feel confident as a Head of Service through this course:

You'll learn too:

  1. Learn the traits of a confident, strong and fair leader and how YOU can implement them. 
  2. How to interview and hire your new crew members.
  3. Creating a service handbook and the types of training to do with your team.
  4. Confidently communicating with guests, your team, other departments and suppliers.
  5. Learn to outfit your service area from scratch, including purchasing for a new build project.
  6. Preparing for guest trips and the checklists you need.
  7. Training the team and dealing with food allergies.
  8. Learn ten styles of service with Guest Trainers - Bogarts Butlers
  9. How to host stunning themed nights and wine tastings onboard
  10. Organise specialised services, such as wine, cheese, caviar and oysters.

This course is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality!

IoH is the award-winning, world-leading professional body for hospitality professionals. Their purpose is to promote professionalism through lifelong learning.

What past students are saying:

  • Nadia

    This course was just the information boost that I needed! I would 100% recommend this course to any senior stews that want that extra edge on top of their experience. Gemma & the TYSA team have an actual in-depth knowledge of the right way to run an interior, and it was fantastic to have been able to pick their brains. Now I feel confident knowing that I'm properly equipped to follow suit!

  • Hannah

    This course is made for a stew wanting to excel in their service. I highly recommend it to chief stews and second stews. It'll help you understand how to teach the rest of your service team with ease and success and broaden your knowledge ( it's helped me view this role at a whole new level).

    It's detailed and straight to the point, perfect for doing the course at home or on the job.

  • Lizette

    10 out of 10!!
    I LOVED the Head of Service course. The course work itself was straightforward and easy to understand. The setup of the assignments makes it easy to work through while on board a busy boat.

    The communication and assistance from Gemma was simply outstanding. I would keep coming back just for that!

Stepping up from Service Stew to Head of Service is a jump that most people completely underestimate.

You take on more responsibility and go from being everyone's peer to their boss, which requires much more than just knowing several types of service.

We’ve got you covered! This course will teach you 9 service styles, PLUS speciality service, including oyster and caviar service.

We provide you with all the templates, lists and guides you need to be completely prepared and not think, “What on earth am I meant to be doing today?”. If you’re ready to absolutely smash your Head of Service role, this course is for you.
Did we mention a world-renowned Butler helped us design this course?

Final Project

Students will be required to do the following:

Plan for an event onboard, keeping specific guest preferences in mind.

Create an event timeline and source vendors for the event.

Create a proposal for the Captain & Owners Representative with all the event setup details.

Course Curriculum

Upon successful completion of the course, including all quizzes & assignments, you will receive a certificate of completion for Head of Service Diploma. As with all TYSA courses, you will have lifetime access to the course material.

    1. Head of Service Introduction

    2. How to use Thinkific

    3. Head of Service Downloadable Templates

    1. Leadership Traits

    2. Managing Expectations

    3. The Big Six

    4. Hours of Rest

    5. Standing Orders

    6. Performance Review

    7. Recruitment Quiz

    8. Interview Assignment

    1. Training Management Plan

    2. Service Handbook

    3. Types of Training

    4. Interior Walk Through

    5. TMP Assignment

    6. TMP Quiz

    1. Guests

    2. Interdepartmental

    3. Body Langauge

    4. Communication Quiz

    1. Service Outfitting

    2. Professional Supplier & Vendor Communication

    3. Glancy Fawcett Case Study: Order Procedure

    4. Vendor Communication Assignment

    5. Checklists: Pre-Guest Procedure & Provisioning

    6. Standard Operating Procedures in the Service Department

    7. SOP Assignment

    1. Food Allergies

    2. Training the Team on Food Allergies

    3. Allergy Quiz

    4. Allergy Assignment

    5. Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sanitizing

    6. Risk Assessment

    7. Preventing Weevils

About this course

  • £599.00
  • 71 lessons

This course IS for you if...

  • You’ve got some service experience and want to step into more of a leadership role.

  • You want to learn more in-depth service so you can progress in your career.

  • You’re a Chief Stew who wants to freshen up your service knowledge and feel more confident in your role.

  • You want to learn more about the behind the scenes of a service HOD role and what actually goes on.

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You’re new to service and still need to master the basics. We would recommend starting with our Service Fundamentals course.

  • You are not willing to put in the time and effort required to put together the assignments. If you are simply looking for resources, we suggest you look at our Template packs.

  • Text length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs

Pricing Options

We believe that education should be accessible to EVERYONE, which is why we have created an option to pay for the course over 3-months.

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