The kickstarter course includes ONLY things you actually need to know to get into the industry. We felt there was no point teaching you about in-depth Silver Service or Floristry because you could go YEARS without needing to know that (or potentially could end up on boats where you NEVER need it in your career! Not unheard of!)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • How to use this platform

    • Welcome to TYSA

  • 2

    Essential Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stew

    • Welcome

    • Let's Start with the Basics

    • Understanding Onboard Hierarchy

    • What to Expect as a Junior Stew

    • Securing Your First Job

    • CV Photo & Crew Agents

    • Interviewing like a Pro!

    • Must Have & Interior Courses

  • 3

    Building a Yachting CV

    • Essentials of Building Your Yachting CV

    • Personal Information & CV Photo

    • Objective & Qualifications

    • Experience & References

Whats included?

11 mini-lessons, including 8 video lessons. Bonus CV building module & lifetime course access.